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Convenient Business Banking Services

Business Online Banking

Manage your business' accounts and cash flow online anywhere, at any time. You'll rest better with the financial control of cash management.

  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Summary and detailed balance reporting
  • Stop payments

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Business eStatements

Greater Financial Control

Switch to eStatements today to:

  • View your statements instantly online, anywhere, anytime - and at no charge.
  • Have peace of mind knowing your financial information is on a secure online site, not in your mailbox or in the trash.
  • Reduce paper waste and help preserve the environment

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Small Business Bill Pay

  • Securely pay anyone, anytime, 24-hours a day
  • Quick and simple to add a payee and a bill payment
  • Pay individuals and businesses of all sizes

Small Business Bill Pay is available through your Business Online Banking, following enrollment it is available in Business Mobile Banking. Visit with your local branch office to get set up today.

Fees May Apply

Merchant Capture

Save a trip to the bank by making deposits from your place of business. The bank provides the scanner for you to electronically scan and remit deposits into your business' bank account. Learn More About Merchant Capture.

Business Night Deposit

Make a secure deposit after business hours. Our safe and secure locking system allows you to deposit checks, cash and coins which are held in an inside safe until the bank opens. At that time the deposit is verified and processed into your account.

Automated Clearing House (ACH Origination)

The Automated Clearing House is a secure, private electronic payment transfer system that connects all U.S. financial institutions. Direct paycheck deposits, debit card purchases, recurring bill payments and Social Security benefits are examples of electronic funds transfers that go through this network. 

Contact us to see how we can put ACH to work for your business.

Merchant Card Services

Our merchant services are provided to business customers to help manage cash flow, processing payments and to handle credit and debit card purchases. Frazer partners with a service provider that electronically processes credit and debit card transactions.

Subject to approval.

Business Wire Transfer

Wire Transfers allow you to quickly transfer money from your Frazer Bank account to account(s) at other financial institutions, domestically or internationally.  If speed is a concern, Wire Transfers will allow you to complete these transfer of funds on the same-day.  Additionally, these transfers can be established as one-time transfers or recurring. Frazer Bank can wire any amount (as long as funds being wire are collected funds) to any bank for a nominal fee.

The cut-off time for outgoing international wires is 2:30 PM and domestic wires is 3:00 PM Central Time for same-day processing, Monday - Friday (excluding Federal Reserve Holidays).

Stop in any of our convenient banking offices to learn more or to initiate a Wire Transfer. 

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